150+ Free Beading Patterns

We love beading as much as you do, and can’t wait to share these exclusive pattern collections. From stitches like peyote and chevron to bracelets, necklaces and earrings galore, these free eBooks have the techniques, tutorials, patterns and ideas you’ll love. Inspire yourself with these free beading patterns you can download today!Submit The Form To Download


Perler Bead Roundup - A girl and a glue gun

I’m going to be honest. I have not played with perler beads in along time. Only because when we sit down…we end up making the patterns that came with the bucket and don’t think outside of the box. BUT now…NOW tables have turned! I can’t decide what awesome project I want to DIY first! Keychains…iphone …


Square Stitch Bead Weaving Patterns

Free Square Stitch Bead Weaving Patterns Square stitch is a beautiful basic stitch in which beads stack up next to each other in straight, grid-like rows. Because of its even structure, square stitch resembles loom weaving more than any other off-loom technique. Multiple thread passes make this a strong stitch, great for any piece of jewelry that will see lots of wear. View/Download Square Stitch PDF Square Stitch Video Learn how to do the square stitch with a Beadaholique instructional video....


Happy National Avocado Day from Fusion Beads

Happy National Avocado Day! We hope that your day is full of heart-healthy beading and want you know that you guac our world! #NationalAvocadoDay Learn how to peyote stitch our Avocado Necklace and join us in celebrating with a new project today!


Gratis pixelhobby påske perlemønster på 10 påskemønstre - Rito.dk


Federengel-Häkelmützen-Kollektion - Karin Urban - NaturalSTyle

Bei uns zu Hause engelt es wieder sehr. Meine kleinen Federengel holte ich aus dem Weihnachtskoffer und beschloss sie an einem Haselnuss-Stock im Fenster als Mobile aufzuhängen. Jedes neue Engelchen bekam eine besondere Kopfbedeckung gehäkelt. Es machte mir sehr viel Freude, diese putzigen Flauschteile auf diese Weise einzigartig zu gestalten. Schaut doch einmal, …


gebügelte Weihnachtsbäume Anhänger Geschenk Verpackung


Spring Melty Bead Shapes - Craft Project Ideas

Use melty beads and the different peg board shapes to create a kite, bumblebee, floral pattern, rainbow and lady bug!


Basteln mit Bügelperlen - 59 originelle Ideen zum Nachmachen

Das Basteln mit Bügelperlen ist eine der beliebtesten Bastelmethoden überhaupt. Es macht Groß und Klein ganz viel Spaß und ist dabei ganz einfach!


DIY Bügelperlen Getränkeuntersetzer Panda ganz einfach selber machen

DIY Auf der Suche nach einer coolen Idee mit Bügelperlen? Wie wäre es mit dieser Anleitung für tolle Getränkeuntersetzer in Panda Form?


• Yasmim Bracissievicz • on Instagram: “Braceletes/pulseiras disponíveis com valores reduzidos mais informações por DM | #flowertattoo #botanicaltattoo #blackwork…”

Braceletes/pulseiras disponíveis com valores reduzidos mais informações por DM | #flowertattoo #botanicaltattoo #blackwork…


Pink flamingos made from perler beads. Flamingo perle hama


Herbst DIY – tierisch süße Untersetzer aus Bügelperlen



how to make beaded flower

I've written a lot of tutorials on how to make flowers using polymer clay. But do you know you can make flowers using only wire and beads? Those techniques have long been used for bride jewelries and hairpieces. They are very easy to learn but can create stunning effects. In this tutorial, I'll show you three ways to make beaded flowers based on different type of bead. The jewelry designs are kept simple for educational purposes. You can create your own version using those basic techniques. Project No.1 -- Making Flowers using Seed Beads This is the simplest project among three; yet can create a very delicate and elegant look. Material Needed 30-gauge soft wire (30cm/12inch or longer) seed beads of your choice Step 1. Making the loop Take a piece of 28 gauge wire and fold it in half. Hold the folded part using a round nose plier and twist the wire together as shown in picture 1. This will create a loop for you to connect other components later. Step 2. Making the flower Slide five seed beads (I used 2mm moonstone beads) onto one side of the wire. Then wrap the wire until the beads resemble a flower shape (picture 3). Twist the wire tightly as shown in picture 4. When it meets the other side of the wire, continue twisting for 1-2cm (0.4-0.8inch). Now take the wire opposite to the first flower and slide five seed beads onto it (I used Miyuki gold). As before, wrap and twist the wire so the beads can form a flower shape (picture 5 and 6). Continue the same process. Each time, create a flower using the opposite side of the wire so the final product will resemble a tree branch. Step 3. Finishing up You can finish the project by wrapping the twisted wire into a closed loop as shown in picture 9. Now you end up with a piece that have two loops at both ends. If you want to create an earring, simply attach an ear hook at one end and a large bead at another. If you want to create a hairpiece, make both loop larger so the hair strands can go through them. In addition, you can connect both ends with chains for a necklace. The possibilities are endless. Shop the material needed in this project 30-Gauge Gold Filled Wire 2mm Moonstone Beads 2mm Gold Seed Beads Project No.2 -- Making Flowers using Top Drilled Beads This technique applies to all top drilled teardrop shaped beads. For a piece more suitable for wedding, you can use white pearls as shown in the picture. For a casual look, you can choose colorful top drilled crystals. Material Needed: 28-gauge soft wire (45cm/18inch or longer) top drilled beads of your choice **If you choose pearl, I recommend using faux pearl instead of fresh water pearl. The later tend to have irregular shapes that create uneven looking flower. Step 1. Creating the flower shape Slide five top drilled faux pearl beads onto the 28 gauge wire. Then slide right side of the wire through the leftmost bead as shown in picture 2. Tighten the wire until the beads resemble a flower shape (picture 3). Step 2. Wrapping the flower Unlike the seed bead project we discussed before, one wrap is not enough for those top drilled beads to sit tightly together. We need to wrap the flower further to fix the beads. Therefore the wrapping technique is the key to this project's success. Each flower need five wraps and the final shape look like a star as shown in picture 8. In the pictures above, I've labeled the direction of each wrap with arrows. Remember for each wrap, the wire go through two adjacent beads, both front and back. Once a flower is complete, twist the wire together tightly as shown in picture 9 and we can move onto the next flower. Step 3. Making more flowers Bend one side of the wire and slide five top drilled beads onto it. Repeat the wrapping process described in step 2. Once the second flower is complete, twist the wire a little bit and then create the third flower. Make the leaf by adding a single bead on both sides of the flowers as shown in picture 6-8. At last, finish the piece up by making a closed loop at the end as in picture 9. If you don't know how to make a closed loop, read it here. Again, you can use the complete piece for lots of purposes: earrings, necklaces, hairpieces etc. Project No.3 -- Making Flowers using oval beads Our last project is designed for oval beads. Those elongated beads are perfect for flower petals. We can wrap them individually and add a small bead in the middle as flower center. Material Needed 30-gauge soft wire (30cm/12inch or longer) oval beads of your choice one small bead of your choice Step 1. Wrapping the flower petals Slide an oval shaped bead onto the wire and stop at the middle point. Taking one side of the wire, wrap tightly around the bead until it meets the other end. Then twist the wire together only 2 or 3 times as shown in picture 2. Bend one end of the wire outwards and slide another bead onto it. Repeat the wrapping and twisting process until all five petals are complete. Step 2. Adding a flower center Bend one end of the wire upward and slide a small round bead onto it. Wrap half of the bead and twist the wire at the center of the flower as shown in picture 8 and 9. Step 3. Adding leaves and other decorations Once the flower is completed, we can go ahead to add leaves at both sides. The technique is the same as wrapping individual flower petal. You can continue adding more flowers and leaves if needed. To finish the piece up, make a closed loop at the end using a round nose plier (picture 4 and 5). The finished piece can be used as a component in many jewelry designs. In the picture above, I've attached two pearls at the top and made it an earring. Shop the material needed for this project 30-Gauge Gold Filled Wire 5-6mm Rice Pearl Beads 2.5-3mm Pearl Beads If you like today’s tutorial, please share it with your friends by pining the complete picture guide below. Thank you. Recommended Posts:


Free Beading Pattern - Princess Earrings

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Free Beading Pattern - Princess Earrings


How to create a netted bracelet | Jewellery Making Tutorials

Pink and White Netted Seed Bead Bracelet. Seed Beads are perfect for creating intricate designs and the best way to embellish Cuffs and Choker style designs. If you’ve never used Seed Beads before, take a step out of your comfort zone and try out this tutorial to challenge yourself. This tutorial could also be used to create a necklace design and you could always switch up the colour scheme to your favourite colours to make the design personal to you.


Colorful Beaded curtain-Beaded Strings

My beaded curtains are a celebration of textures, colors, and aesthetics. They create a continuous flow of stimuli, which is continuously renewed. A curtain of beads can emphasize the intimacy of the space along with a sense of abundance. They create a magical visual game and enrich the space in which the curtain is embedded with lots of joy and vitality. I create the bead curtains individually with special attention to every detail. I believe that inspirational designs are created by the interaction between myself, my customers, and their space The quality raw materials I have gathered during my travels around the world allow me to create beaded curtains in unusual combinations of motifs, giving me the opportunity to explore modern designs alongside traditional trends. I always look for new and exciting raw materials and the search for beauty has led me from Africa to India, Austria, China, Italy, the Czech Republic, and other places around the world. Everywhere I have visited, I found surprising and exotic beads. Beaded curtain for Windows, for doorways, decorative curtains serving as a screen or as artwork on the wall. Curtain from one chain or dozens, with or without bells for heavenly sounds.A beaded curtain in a sophisticated design, cheeky, daring or playful. Trendy and modern beaded curtain or a luxurious beaded curtain - there are countless possibilities and no limit to imagination. I spend much time, precision and thought in every curtain I create, so it's never dull. When I work, I try to touch and to interest the observer. My creations are just like me: warm, full of joy, diversity, and freshness. I hand make the bead curtains bead after bead, and you can order bead curtains perfectly matched to the size and measurements you want. The curtains combine wonderfully synergy in every space, key or room and correspond with every lifestyle. This listing is for20-80 different beaded strings 30 inches/75 cm long each Each row is ending with Tibetan or brass bell. Create together harmonic appearance. The beads are in shades green orange pink purple, blue turquoise -all colors Materials: crystal beads, High-Quality Czech Crystal Glass beads, Czech glass seed beads, Czech Tube Bugle Glass Beads, Crystal Gemstone Loose Beads, lampwork beads Acrylic Beads, You can order in any color combination you want how many strings you want ******************************************* If You do not have a PayPal account? You can still pay with a Credit Card!!! I accept all credit cards via Paypal. PLEASE NOTE that You do not need a PayPal Account to pay for your items via PayPal. You can pay by just: - Choose PayPal at checkout. - After you submit your order click the PAY NOW button. - Scroll Down, and you will see the option to pay with a Credit/Debit Card WITHOUT having to log into a PayPal account. ******************************************************** Read my reviews: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RonitPeterArt/reviews ********************************************************* Back to my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RonitPeterArt?ref=seller-platform-mcnav ****************************************************** And if you like it Pin it! I LOVE seeing my work on Pinterest! To see more of my art click: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RonitPeterArt/items


▷ 1001 + Bügelperlen Ideen zum Nachmachen und eine Anleitung

Wollen Sie die besten Bügelperlen Ideen sammeln, sind Sie hier fündig. Sie erhalten eine Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zum Bügeln der Perlen.


Custom Beaded Camp Friendship Bracelet, Personalized, Custom Name , Word, Initial, Saying Beaded Bracelet

So many options and colors to pick from. Use your name, initials, your kiddos, pet names, motivation words, phrases -- options are endless! These also make perfect gifts for -- mamas to be, baby shower, bridal, bachelorette party, best friends, etc. ≫ PRODUCT DETAILS 1. All letters are capitalized 2. Use the personalize box at checkout to list color(s), word(s) and symbols 3 . Please note there are multiple variations for this product to choose from: White Letters = white beads with black letters Color Letters = colored/metallic letter beads Tassels = available in most colors (currently pink is out of stock) 4. These bracelets are made with a standard size of 6.5”. *PLEASE NOTE: if you would like the opening smaller/larger this needs to be noted within the personalize box at checkout or in the order notes. 5. Listing includes one bracelet. Any images shown with multiple bracelets is to be used as an example of how they can be worn with other bracelets 6. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL SALE. THESE ARE CUSTOM BRACELETS MADE TO ORDER. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL SPELLING AND COLOR SELECTIONS PRIOR TO CHECKOUT. ***IF YOU WOULD LIKE A BULK ORDER, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE!!!***


Woven Planter Update

Hola Everyone! A couple of months ago I posted a Woven Bead Planter that I had made using plastic fuse beads. What you might not know is that after I made that first planter and posted it here, I …


10 Awesome Beading Projects with Free Patterns

Start beading with these top 10 beading projects, all with free patterns. Try your hand at new stitches to make interesting and creative jewelry.



Dein Marktplatz, um Handgemachtes zu kaufen und verkaufen.

These My Little Pony characters are such a cute pieces and a perfect stocking stuffers/gift for anyone who loves the My Little Pony series :) They also make great additions to a My Little Pony themed birthday bash. They are approximately 2 x 3 inches each. I can add: a Magnet a Lanyard or a Keychain or just leave as is Please add me a note if you would any of the above added. In addition to these 6 characters shown, I have patterns for another dozen or two more. So, if there is a po...


Little birds necklace - cute beads - polymer clay jewelry - handmade beads - colorful necklace - miniature birdsEach little bird was made from polymer clay. This beautiful necklace consisting of small birds, fit almost any outfit, thanks to the variety of colors.If you are a big fan of birds, like me for example, you can send me a photo of your favorite kinds of birds, and I will make them for you.***Please keep in mind that it will take more time. This necklace looks more beautiful on a short chain.Turn your attention this necklace is made to order, that's why it take some time to make it. Pendants are made by hand, the real color and bird's shape may differ slightly from those that you see on your display.Please pay attention to time of delivery, if you need your package to any date!Delivery times don't include the creation time of your order. This applies to goods that are made to order.All items are shipped via standard airmail that normally takes 14-21 business days for delivery (depending on the customs and the postal service in different countries). Sometimes it takes longer, especially it's about the holiday period. The delivery time is completely dependent on post service's work.


Federengel-Häkelmützen-Kollektion - Karin Urban - NaturalSTyle

Bei uns zu Hause engelt es wieder sehr. Meine kleinen Federengel holte ich aus dem Weihnachtskoffer und beschloss sie an einem Haselnuss-Stock im Fenster als Mobile aufzuhängen. Jedes neue Engelchen bekam eine besondere Kopfbedeckung gehäkelt. Es machte mir sehr viel Freude, diese putzigen Flauschteile auf diese Weise einzigartig zu gestalten. Schaut doch einmal, …


Add Sparkle to the Garden With This Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime - Garden Therapy

Add some extra jingle and sparkle to your backyard this year with a handmade beaded wind chime with bells.


TEN Beaded Christmas Ornament Hooks - Wire Ornament Hangers with Beads for Unique Christmas Ornaments

**** HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE!! **** The Christmas order deadlines for the USA and for Canadian Provinces outside Alberta has now passed. **** Stop using paper clips to hang the ornaments on your tree and add some extra beauty to your tree. Simply hook these onto your ornaments and hang them from your tree! Made with lightweight wire, they will not add extra weight to pull down on your tree branches. ***IMPORTANT!!*** When you check out, please list the 10 ornaments you would like in the notes. You may choose any of the single ornament hangers shown in the selection image. (Due to the handmade nature of these ornaments, size listed is approximate total length give or take .5") Angel - 4.5" Bell - 6" Heart - 6" Beaded Icicle - 4.5" Joy - 5.75" Star - 5.5" Stocking - 6.25" Treble Clef - 5.5" Tree - 5.25" Here is also a listing for just 5: https://www.etsy.com/WireExpressions/listing/168444761/five-beaded-christmas-ornament-hooks Or a listing for 15: https://www.etsy.com/ca/WireExpressions/listing/744350323/fifteen-beaded-christmas-ornament-hooks Or you can buy them individually here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/WireExpressions?ref=l2-shopheader-name§ion_id=13480742 Copyright Wire Expressions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ********************************************************************* Please take a moment to read through this shop's policies. When you make a purchase through Wire Expressions, it is assumed that you have read and understand this shop's policies. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WireExpressions#policies ***Please Note*** STANDARD SHIPPING DOES NOT HAVE TRACKING! If you would like tracking please upgrade your shipping.


Best 12 bijoux créatif | Beading | Bead jewellery, Beaded Jewelry, Beaded jewel...

Best 12 bijoux créatif | Beading | Bead jewellery, Beaded Jewelry, Beaded jewel... , #Bead #Beaded #Beading #bijoux


Holzkugelkette II - blick7

Wenn ich mal was richtig gut finde, dann finde ich es richtig gut. Unseren Toilettenpapierhalter finde ich zum Beispiel richtig gut. Drum darf die Küchenrolle jetzt auch stylischer daher kommen. Man nehme: Holzkugelkette (hab ich bei DEPOT gefunden) 2 Nägel Bilderleiste (z.B.: die von meinem Lieblingsschweden) Die Holzkugelkette hatte bereits die perfekte Länge, so dass ich nur noch zwei Nägel in das Brett schlagen musste und die Schnur dort einhing. Das war in zwei Minuten gemacht. Man braucht halt immer erst die Idee. Ob ich damit schon ein Ikeahacker bin? Lasst es Euch gut gehen! Eure Annette