Free pattern and tutorial for socks and tights for MSD and Yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info. Thanks! Anna has been busy at work sewing some much needed basics for a few of us dolls. Yuki here has been in dire need of a decent pair of socks. And dear little Momoko and our newest doll, Misako have been in need of legwear as well. So Anna has produced several types of socks and tights. They are almost exactly like the ones she made for myself and the other dolls. She had intended to post patterns before, but never got around to it until now. With much persuasion from myself, Anna has created a printable pattern and tutorial for all to enjoy. Socks and Tights Tutorial for MSD and Yosd Bjd Materials: Tights Matching Thread Pattern Thin elastic (for doll tights only) A small safety pin (for elastic) Basic sewing supplies If you don’t have any old pairs of tights around the house, dollar stores sometimes have some cute options. That where I got the spotted ones I used for these doll tights. Here is the pattern you will need for both the tights and socks. The Socks First, cut two pieces from the pattern. Unfold them and determine which side is the right side and which is the wrong side. With solid colored material like this, it doesn't matter, but if you used tights with a cute print it will make a difference. Fold and pin the top edge to hem. Hem the edge using a back stitch (check out our doll tank top video tutorial for a demonstration of the back stitch if you don’t have a clue about it). I hem it while facing the right side because I think it looks nicer that way. You can try to sew this with a zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are really good at sewing tiny stretchy things. After hemming, all you have to do is re-fold the sock with right sides together, pin along the edge, and sew. If you want you can trim off some of the excess material to reduce some bulk. Turn the socks right side out and they are ready to wear. I made these thigh high socks for Misako, but the pattern was originally made for Usagi. Because they are so stretchy they can fit a wide range of doll feet. These are the crew length socks for msd sized dolls, as marked on the pattern. They hit about calf height on the dolls. They fit Yuki perfectly! Now he actually has a pair of socks to go with his shoes, and Hikaru can stop whining about it. (I wasn’t “whining”, I merely pointed out how untidy it looks.) (Sure, whatever you say.) The Tights Just like with the socks, you first need to cut two pieces from the pattern and then determine which side is the “right side”. Unlike with the socks, you need to pin together the pieces right sides together and sew the “front” seam. Trim off some of the excess fabric, especially at the top. Then you fold down the top edge twice and pin. This is to make a casing (it’s like a tunnel) for the elastic to go through, so make sure it is large enough for your elastic. Cut a piece of elastic as long as the doll’s waist, and use the safety pin to thread the elastic through the channel. It may be a little tricky to get the elastic past the part by the front seam. That’s why I said to trim off the excess. Use pins to secure the ends of the elastic. Now pin and sew the “back” seam, securing the elastic in the process. Now it’s time to pin the legs of the tights. It’s just like sewing a pair of pants (check out my doll jeans tutorial for comparison). Sew up and down both legs, then trim off some of the excess fabric. Turn them right side out and they are ready for wearing. And here they are worn by Momoko. Momoko and Misako both got a pair of these cute tights. I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial and can make plenty of legwear for their dolls. End of Tutorial. “Oh dear, Miss Misako doesn’t have any shoes. Won’t her new tights get dirty?” You are quite right Momoko dear. Anna made her new stockings, but forgot about appropriate footwear. No I didn’t. Usagi and I made arrangements for that. “Here Misako, these are for you! I don’t wear them anymore so you can have them if you want. :)” … Those are the shoes I bought for Usagi last year. They look cute, but the fit is a little snug for Usagi, so she actually prefers to wear the sandals I made for her (see Of Bjd Fashion: Improved Lace Sandals with a Tutorial). So you are forcing our newest doll to wear Usagi’s hand me downs? No one is being forced to do anything, Misako has accepted them and seems to like them too. (How can you tell, she still hasn’t spoken to anyone. Oh whatever.) I suppose it is alright, for now. They are attractive shoes. However it is hard not to notice a little fitting problem. While the shoes were snug on Usagi, they are quite large on Misako’s rather petite feet. Thankfully the ankle straps keep them securely on in place. Anyway, at least everyone in our little doll family has appropriate legwear at last. Hikaru, you seem to have forgotten what else I made, specifically for Usagi and Misako here. “Oh, you mean this thing?” No Usagi! You can’t show that here! Yuki, quickly look away! That right! I made these girls bras and underwear. And we will have tutorials for them tomorrow. Look forward to it.